De presentatie met speciale edities in de AkzoNobel Artspace

De toonaangevende AkzoNobel Art Foundation bestaat 25 jaar, dat moet gevierd worden. Op 28 oktober aanstaande zal in de Art Space van het hoofdkantoor op de Amsterdamse Zuidas een speciale tentoonstelling te zien zijn met hoogtepunten van de jubilerende bedrijfscollectie. ALL EYES, We Are The Collection. Je bent hierbij alvast van harte uitgenodigd om te komen kijken!

Om het feestvreugde te vergroten ontwikkelde de Art Foundation samen met We Like Art een aantal scherp geprijsde jubileum-edities van geliefde kunstenaars uit de collectie. Deze werken in oplage worden aangeboden aan de medewerkers van AkzoNobel. Om zo thuis te kunnen genieten van een stukje van de collectie.

Een beperkt aantal exemplaren is beschikbaar voor de volgers van We Like Art. Hieronder een overzicht van de edities, een aantal exemplaren per editie is nu ook via onze eigen webshop te koop.

Per kunstenaar word je met een link doorgeleid naar de speciale website Collect The Collection. Je leest daar interviews met de kunstenaars: Koen Vermeule, Malin Persson, Jacco Olivier, Katrin Korfmann, Pere Llobera, Kim van Norren, Elspeth Diederix, Sebastiaan Bremer en Thomas Trum. Alle edities staan onderaan deze pagina in de webshop, even scrollen dus. 🙂

Koen Vermeule

Over Mirror: “I went on a walk in Neerijen, a floodplain landscape at the foot of the Martinus Nijhoff bridge. The weather was dramatic all the way there, but when we arrived at the dike the sun broke through theatrically.

The sky reflected beautifully in a rain puddle, which inspired me to make this work. The place is not important, rather it’s a free way of looking at reality, micro and macro view in one. It can be anywhere.”

Lees het interview met Koen hier.

Koen Vermeule, Mirror (2020), 51 x 78 cm, piezografie op Hahnemühle White Velvet papier, oplage 50, € 600

Malin Persson

Over Tidig Morgon: “Early Morning is a mirror image of a memory from the past. The work emphasizes the relationship between man and nature. Light from two different sources; the sunlight and artificial light. I don’t know what happens in the house, but I take you to a place where people just wake up and the animal nightlife falls asleep.”

Lees het interview met Malin hier.

Malin Persson, Tidig Morgon / Early Morning (2020), 32 x 23cm, piezografie op Hahnemühle White Velvet papier, met toevoegingen in inkt, oplage 50, € 275


Jacco Olivier

Over de editie: “With ‘Terra Incognita’ I wanted not to worry about brushstrokes or handwriting, with the sole aim of creating a bright color composition. When that is done, the canvas no longer has a top or bottom, which means it could also hang upside down.

By inserting a figure, in this case a dog, the painting is grounded and it becomes even more spatial. Now it looks like a landscape.”

Lees het interview met Jacco hier.

Jacco Olivier, Terra Incognita (2019), 27 x 42 cm, piezografie op Hahnemühle White Velvet papier, oplage 50, € 475


Katrin Korfmann

“Chouara is a 11th-century tannery in Morocco. Family run cooperatives have been tanning leather in Chouara for the best part of 1000 years. Located in the old town of Fez and still fully functioning, this ancient industry has become a popular tourist destination.

The basins depicted are filled with the dyes used by the workers. Although the site and its surroundings are beautiful, the smells coming from it are repugnant. The strong odor is caused by pigeon droppings that are being used to unhair the hides. The basins in which the skins are dyed are quite large, with some pots 1.50 meters in diameter.

Once a week, all the dyes in the pots are renewed which results in color combinations that constantly changing. All the colors are made with natural materials such as poppy seeds and saffron.”

Lees het interview met Katrin hier.

Katrin Korfmann, Chouara Little (2020), 65 x 50 cm, piezografie op Hahnemühle White Velvet papier, oplage 50, € 600


Pere Llobera

Over Ruined Party: “At the time that the AkzoNobel Art Foundation asked me for a special edition, I was participating in a group show of my Barcelona Gallery (Bombon). For that show, I created a real cake that had to be destroyed with an umbrella. The idea was to practice my performance art a little while paying tribute to the 70’s performers.

After the photo, it felt like the cake was looking at me. The funny thing is that I was acting as a performer but at the very end it was impossible to avoid being intrigued by the act of painting: the painter inside me took the upper hand.”

Lees het interview met Pere hier.

Pere Llobera, Ruined Party (2020), 51 x 64 cm, piezografie op Hahnemühle White Velvet papier, oplage 30, € 475


Kim van Norren

Over “May you stay forever young”: “The original work from 2013 that is in the AkzoNobel Art Collection came about when my father passed away. I listened to Bob Dylan’s song and thought that was exactly what I wanted for my father. Memories do have that special quality to fixate people in a certain phase. My painting captures the memory of him as a monument.

In the spring of 2020, I made a new version: a work on paper. I had immersed myself again in Bob Dylan’s music. “May you stay forever young” was created alongside “The times They are a-changin”, this combination did justice to the passage of time for me. Time that is precious, time in which you have experienced beautiful, lively moments.”

Lees het interview met Kim hier.

Kim van Norren, May You Stay Forever Young (2020), 65 x 45 cm, piezografie op Hahnemühle White Velvet papier, oplage 50, € 350


Elspeth Diederix met vrijwilligers in haar Miracle Garden in het Erasmuspark in West Amsterdam.

Elspeth Diederix

Over de editie: “Pink Echinops is related to my Miracle Series in which I photographed the wonder of the flower. In the first series mainly due to an “analog” intervention. With Pink Echinops, I turned on the backlight by painting one side of the flower in a fluorescent pink, which creates the effect of bright pink sunlight coming from behind the flowers.”

Lees het interview met Elspeth hier.

Elspeth Diederix, Pink Echinops (2020), 42 x 29 cm, oplage 50, piezografie, UITVERKOCHT


Sebastiaan Bremer

Over Narcissus: “Just before I moved to New York in 1992 I purchased a book, Bloemen (flowers). The book was made during the occupation of the Netherlands as an undercover patriotic gesture – and finished in the years immediately following the war. It was presented to Queen Wilhelmina in 1948, a showcase of some of the best the Netherlands had to offer: printing, flower cultivation and graphic design.

There is something still and melancholic about the images of these flowers, perhaps a result of the time in which they were created. I wanted to work on them and shake them loose, like you do to dormant seeds; you water them and slowly breathe life into them.”

Lees het interview met Sebastiaan hier

Sebastiaan Bremer, Narcissus Incomparabilis Fortune (2021), 30cm x 25cm, piezografie op Hahnemühle White Velvet papier, met handmatige toevoegingen met acrylverf, vernis en mylar, oplage 40, € 500


Thomas Trum

Over Two Curved Lines (2020):

“This is a series of works consisting of a continuous line that changes color, where one line passes over the surface twice.

I make a lot of works with squiggly lines that create circles, which I make with felt-tip pens. This series of works uses a modern airless spray-paint mounted on a tripod. The surface then rotates while the spray-paint remains in the same place. This is how these perfect curves are created on paper.”

Lees het interview met Thomas hier.

Thomas Trum, Two Curved Lines (2020), een serie van 75 unieke werken, 72 x 51 cm, hoog gepigmenteerde spraypaint op papier, € 475.


Let op:

Een losse print wordt binnen 2 weken met PostNL aan je verzonden, hiervoor wordt € 10 gerekend bij het afrekenen.

Kies je voor een ingelijst exemplaar? Het duurt ongeveer 2-3 weken voordat je aankoop klaar staat. Ophalen van je ingelijste kunstwerk kan bij We Like Art in Amsterdam. Een transport per koerier kunnen we eenvoudig organiseren voor je. Ingelijste werken kunnen helaas niet verzonden worden met PostNL.

Het bericht AkzoNobel jubileum edities. Wie jarig is, trakteert! verscheen eerst op We Like Art.